3.5 mm Eco zinc-coated trimmed panels

3.5 mm Eco zinc-coated trimmed panels

EstMetalCab sells zinc-coated trimmed fence panels.


  • simple, professionally looking high quality fences
  • civil and industrial fencing that requires high rigidity
  • metallic garments, cages, boxes
  • used with fences made of two rows of panels with stone in-between
Panel length: 2 or 2.5 meters
Height: between 0.6 and 2 meters
Bar diameter: 3.5 mm hot-dip zinc-coated wire

Design parameters:

  • spacing between vertical bars: 60 mm
  • eye size on the panel trimming: 50x60 mm
  • vertical eye: 180 - 220 mm, depending on height.
The rigidity of the zinc-coated trimmed panels facilitates their installation on rectangular steel posts, using a clamping system. Upon request, we provide a complete assembly system, consisting of black or zinc-coated steel posts, clamps and caps.
No-trim panels are also available for sale.
Delivered in the quantity (pieces) ordered by the customer or packaged in a 50-piece pallet, tied up with a plastic tape.