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We manufacture complete fencing systems made of zinc-plated wire mesh or trimmed fence panels.

Zinc-coated wire mesh

We manufacture zinc-coated wire fence mesh in a wide range of sizes.

Trimmed fence panels

We manufacture zinc-coated wire fence mesh in a wide range of sizes.

Steel posts

We manufacture zinc-coated wire fence mesh in a wide range of sizes.


We provide countrywide transportation

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Our goal is to help the customer choose the products that are the best fit for constructing wire fences.

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About Us

We are professionals experienced in the manufacturing and distribution of wire products.

We manufacture complete fencing systems, made of zinc-coated wire mesh or trimmed fence panels.

EST METAL CAB is a team of young and dynamic professionals, determined to run and develop a healthy business in the field of wire product manufacture and distribution. We believe that a business can only grow if it sells good quality products, which is what we have been doing so far and are determined to continue to do in the future. .

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Produse noi

Hot-dip galvanized wire
Hot-galvanized soft wire.
STAS 889/89

Soft galvanized electrolytic wire
Soft galvanized electrolytic wire, fine size range.
STAS 3732/80

Construction Pipe
Uses in civil, industrial or general use.

Bolts for Fence Panel Mounting
The T-head bolts (clamps) are used for the mounting of welded fence panels on steel posts fitted with fastening holes

Post Caps (plugs)
PVC caps (plugs) for steel fence posts.

Weldable Post Shoes
Shoes (soles) made of sheet steel, fitted with 4 mounting holes, for posts to be fastened onto the concrete support.

Zinc-coated Fence Posts
traight, zinc-coated steel posts, to be embedded into concrete. They serve as supports for fences made of trimmed panels or wire netting.

Shoe Posts
Posts made of rectangular profile and steel shoe (foot)

Tilted End Posts
Tilted end posts for barbed wire fencing.

Plasticized Posts
We manufacture fence posts made of zinc-coated and plasticized green pipe. Posts are fitted with holes for T-head mounting clamps.